Aztec Sun God with tribal designs, also known as the fifth sun

Kukulkan Maya snake deity, Feathered Serpent god of Mayan mytholoogy

Tonatiuh Aztec Cross tattoo design

Ceremonial mask Tattoo Design, Tribal Mask

The Lanzon Tattoo Design, sacred deity half man and half beast of prey, the central deity of the ancient Chavin culture

Aztec Sun, stone medallion tattoo

“Lord of Mictlan”In Aztec mythology, Mictlantecuhtli was the skeletal god of death who ruled over Mictlan, the underworld

Tezcatlipoca was the Aztec god of night and all material things, in Nahuatl was one of the most important gods

Jaguar teeth tattoo design – PreHispanic Jaguar warrior face with stone circle behind (Artist’s Design, inspired by ancient Mayan art)

PreHispanic Emperor Tattoo Design – Pachacutec, “World Transformer” was the ninth Inca of the Kingdom of Cuzco