Condor Tattoo with tribal design, Condors were sacred birds to the Andean Cultures

Imperial Condor Tattoo Design with prehispanic warriors

Ethnic tribal eye tattoo design with stone eagles

PreHispanic Warrior with Condor , precolumbian soldier holding a condor on his arm

Aztec tribal eagle tattoo design inspired by ancient mesoamerican esculpture

Black Tribal Condor Tattoo Design with Two headed Snake with high relief tribal lines under

Stylized Inca condor design, Under the Incas the condors represent strength and freedom.

Uplift Black and Red Tribal Eagle Spreading Wings tattoo

War Eagle God Flying – The eagle was the emblem of the Aztec war god

Giant Condors Flight Tattoo Design – Two thousand years ago the condors looked down upon the civilization of Tiahuanacú

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