The Lanzon Tattoo Design, sacred deity half man and half beast of prey, the central deity of the ancient Chavin culture

Olmec Water God Tattoo Design inspired by ancient Olmec stone sculpture over 3000 years old

Viracocha Tattoo Design, Viracocha is the great creator god in the pre-Inca and Inca mythology in the Andes region of South America

Giant Olmec stone sculpture, black and red Tribal behind.

Ancient stone head of the Chavin de Huantar Temple.

Giant Stone Head, magnificent Olmec stone sculpture

Tlaloc Tattoo Design inspired by Important deity in Aztec religion, a god of rain, fertility and water

Stone Head Tattoo Design inspired by Pre Hispanic sculpture of a deity inside stone circle

War Eagle God Flying – The eagle was the emblem of the Aztec war god

War Eagle God inside skin, The eagle was the emblem of the Aztec war God